B2B Registration Form

Dear Customer,

This form allows you to submit the information necessary to create your
B2B Customer account.

To be eligible, you must practice a professional activity that entitles you to the dispensation of pharmacy products, in this case

Following the
validation of your registration according to the information in this form, our customer department will contact you by email in order to send them the necessary documents to justify your activity..

Once the requested documents have been accepted, you can download and install our application software for ordering and monitoring your situation, as well as the pharmaceutical catalogs of your choice..

This operation will be done after 48 hours at most, before you can order through all our ordering system tools.

For any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us:

By leaving us a note
Or calling us on:
+212  524 62 04 40

thank you for your trust.

of your B2B customer folder
1- Online form filling:

All the information requested on the registration form in this page is mandatory with the exception of the billing address which, if left blank, will be considered the same as the delivery address..

The zip code in the addresses can be replaced by the postal box code or by "00000" if it does not exist.

The customer ensures that his email address is correctly spelled and valid, because it is the only way that will allow us to recontact him for the rest of the creation of his account. This address must be official because it will be used for subsequent professional exchanges..

The customer must mention with his contact's telephone number, the country code as a prefix (Ex: +223 for Mali or +225 for Ivory coast etc.), followed by the call number.

2- Form check and pre-registration:

Incomplete or incorrectly completed registration forms will be automatically rejected by our system without any notification to customers..

Within 24 hours of being sent, valid forms will be processed by Safipharm's B2B customer department with the opening of a pre-registration file and the sending of an Email to the customer notifying him of his eligibility and asking him to send the necessary regulatory documents that justify his Activity or Business.

The customer can use all common means of communication to send his scanned documents, such as: WhatsApp, Email, MMS, etc.

3- Validation of the customer account:

Upon receipt of the requested digital documents, Safipharm customer department will open and activate the customer account, notifying him by Email and sending him his unique code, login details and all the links necessary for downloads, like Ordering application software, and the various contractual documents, such as the GTC (General Terms and Conditions of Sale), user videos, payment terms, etc.

At this stage, the customer account is operational and the customer can therefore place his first order through our B2B ordering application that he has installed on his computer.

NB: Safipharm reserves all the rights to refuse the registration of a customer if the documents provided by him prove to be implausible or not convincing.
In our business, we make no concessions to the detriment of public health ...
Business addresses must be carefully entered, in particular the delivery address which will be used by our logistics services to transport and deliver the goods..

If your two addresses (Delivery and Billing) are the same, just enter the delivery address below and leave the Billing section empty:

The receipt of your registration form will be notified to you by email. Please check the validity of your email address provided above..

Incomplete or incorrectly completed forms will simply be rejected, without notification to the customer.

Safipharm guarantees the security and confidentiality of all customer data. Under no circumstances will Safipharm use customer information for any other purpose outside the file required by law (The regulations relating to the dispensing of pharmaceutical products)

Please make sure your Email address is correct
and valid so that we can respond to your message.

Everydays between: 08:00 and 18:00 (GMT)
Except of Sundays and official hollidays.

+212 524 62 04 40
Lot n°79, Quartier industriel
Route du Djorf - 46 000
Ville de Safi - Maroc

Email: contact@safipharm.ma
Téléphone: (+212) 524 62 04 40
Télécopie: (+212) 524 65 03 02

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