Diagram of our partnership:
Our partnership flows (See diagram):

(1)- Placing order by the customer.
(2)- Payment of bill by customer.
(3)- Online checking payment of customer.
(4)- Search for products ordered by the customer through our local or international supply network.
(5)- Collection of orders prepared from our suppliers by our logistics provider.
(6)- Collection of orders prepared at Safipharm by our logistics provider.
(7)- Shipment of orders by our logistics provider.

Our main partners:

1- Sourcing partners:
The direct origins or through our international depository partners, of all the pharmaceutical products in our catalogs, are the major international laboratories and the certified manufacturers..

2- Logistics partner:
Long established specialist, and one of the top 10 transport and logistics companies with the largest integrated logistics network in Africa. Read more...

3- Banking partner:
Ecobank's objective is twofold: to consolidate a modern pan-African bank and to contribute to the economic development and financial integration of the continent. Read more...

The success of our challenge is necessarily dependent on the synergy of all our partners, whom we have chosen with great care and who are all convinced as much as we are of the nobility of this profession.
In all countries, the pharmaceutical sector is subject to the rigor of international and local regulations. The distribution of drugs especially, must be done in a professional circuit, authorized to handle these products before they are administered to patients..

Therefore, our customers are all pharmacy professionals, mostly dispensing pharmacists, whose need is often urgent to overcome penalizing stockouts. Then come the wholesalers distributors whose orders are more in the context of periodic restocking. And occasionally, the purchasing centers and the various health establishments, which buy trough calls for tenders or specific one-off needs.
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Route du Djorf - 46 000
Ville de Safi - Maroc

Email: contact@safipharm.ma
Téléphone: (+212) 524 62 04 40
Télécopie: (+212) 524 65 03 02


Call every day between: 08:00 and 18:00 (GMT)
Except Sundays and official holidays.
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