In our business, we combine two professional skills: Pharmacy and International Logistics.

We are at the heart of an international network of approved pharmaceutical partners, spanning the five continents.
We can provide you with drugs, princeps or generics, from the best laboratories in the world, with the best conditions and optimized delivery times.

We provide you with several pharmaceutical catalogs and personal software tools for preparing, placing and tracking your orders. This tool will allow you to better organize your normal and urgent supplies in full transparency and efficiency.

Please note, Safipharm is not a pharmaceutical intermediary or broker! We assume the profession of an international pharmaceutical player in due form, with a real logistical basis and all regulatory compliance relating to the countries with which we operate..

In addition to our pharmaceutical and logistics know-how as well as the capitalization of a good experience in the storage and national distribution of the drug, we continuously work to be a privileged interface of the pharmaceutical world, in particular that of the African continent where the networks distribution systems are unfortunately still deficient, to the detriment of public health.

In few words:

Our business,

Is to find you the drugs
you are Looking for,

wherever they are,

and deliver them to you
wherever you are.

with all the required
guarantees and insurance.

Our partners and we
are committed to this challenge
and determined to go to the end
of all our missions ...
How to proceed ?
We have developed a whole dedicated PC application specially to make your life easier. This personal software tool completely isolated from the Web, allows you to prepare quietly and on demand, the lists of your needs using the catalogs of your choice
When you decide to place an order, just turn one of your prepared lists into a firm order. The tool allows you to do it in a few clicks of validations and by consuming less than 10 seconds of FTP connection to send your order file.
From this moment, all you have to do is to follow the status of your order by updating, if necessary, your situation through the same software tool..
Upon receipt of your order, our system immediately begins processing by checking its nature (Urgent / Normal), your accounting situation, etc. and redirects it to the network of our partners concerned according to the catalog used.
If your order is Urgent, our system optimizes and fixes the products available within 24 hours of the date it was placed and prescribes its immediate preparation to our selected supplier partner.
For orders from the Moroccan catalog, we immediately start the preparation in our own warehouses.
To effectively cover the international network of our pharmaceutical partners and defy all logistical barriers, we have opted for a partnership with the leader in logistics service providers, in this case Bolloré Logistics, which has a strong presence on the five continents, and knows perfectly well Africa.
We have entrusted the mission of shipping your orders to the Bolloré Group, because this company is authorized to store and transport pharmaceuticals, and in addition it has all the means and knowledge to ship your urgent orders, with all the necessary guarantees and the required traceability.

To make possible and facilitate payments for our customers in certain African countries, we have opened bank accounts across these countries with the network of the Panafrican Bank Ecobank.
Our customers will now be able to pay their bills in local currencies on our Ecobank accounts. This allows us to check their payments in near real time and to quickly process their orders.
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Call every day between: 08:00 and 18:00 (GMT)
Except Sundays and official holidays.
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