Location of Safipharm
and its geographical advantages...
Morocco occupies a pivotal geographical position between Europe as a production force and Africa as an emerging market. Economically, its infrastructure makes it a true African logistics hub.

The city of Safi is located on the seafront of the Atlantic Ocean with two port infrastructures. It is connected to the economic metropolis Casablanca by a rail link and a 250 km highway.

The general management offices of Safipharm are located in the city center of Safi, in the plateau district. This building is the headquarters of the company where all the strategies and guidelines for management are drawn up.
As for the operating management and the logistics platform of SafiPharm, they are located in the industrial district to the south of the city of Safi, 5 minutes from the train station and 7 minutes from the city center. Its warehouses are directly accessible by the national n ° 301.
Safipharm warehouses
and its logistics platform...
Safipharm's pharmaceutical warehouses, which house its logistics platform and its operating management, were built according to a modern functional architecture, meeting the various normative specifications relating to the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products, in particular drugs.

The most recent universal standards have been observed at all levels of the logistics chain, including those relating to services entrusted to the various partners, such as transport and transit storage.
Key figures:
The different storage areas exist in two levels of the covered building. They are arranged in heavy, semi-heavy and light professional shelving.

All storage volumes are rationally ventilated, air-conditioned and protected from dust.
Temperature-sensitive products are stored in a central 50 m3 cold room, designed for all negative temperature ranges and equipped with monitoring and alarm systems.

Several other small volume negative and positive cold chambers are located at all temporary storage levels (preparation area, shipping area, etc.)
A continuous watch on all operational and storage areas is ensured 24/7 through a network of HD cameras, accessible via the Internet.
Storage conditions relating to temperature and humidity are measured and recorded regularly trough Data-Loggers, fixed and mobile.

Human patrols punctually inspect all operational areas and ensure compliance with the recommendations required for each type of product stored.
Professionnal career...
The Safipharm company, a pharmaceutical establishment approved by Law 17-04, on the drug and pharmacy code, was born in 2012, in the city of Safi - Marrakech region in Morocco.

Its initial mission was the distribution of all pharmaceuticals, human and veterinary drugs, including medical devices and parapharmacy products.

Safipharm's strength in covering all areas of Moroccan territory since its start-up, lies first in the logistical skills of its founder and general manager, Mr. Badr EZZIDI, and then the in-depth training of its operational teams, the organization set up, the performance of its logistics platform and the efficiency of its information system.

Then, from 2016, and thanks to the Moroccan pharmaceutical industry which frequently organizes international fairs and forums, Safipharm was solicited by foreign clients, especially Africans, for partnerships of different kinds.

In 2017, following specific missions in several African countries, we palpated the concrete situation of the pharmaceutical sector in these countries and understood the nature of their drug needs especially, as well as the various regulatory, logistical and banking constraints that further complicate pharmacy professionals business.

After reading all the difficulties experienced by these professionals and which have a direct impact on the health and well-being of populations, we could not remain indifferent. We therefore immediately started thinking about reorienting part of our initial activity towards Export, with a much more altruistic than commercial approach, in order to participate in meeting even a tiny part of this vital human need.

Without delay, Safipharm created an Export department through an online ordering Web platform, with the catalog of Moroccan medicines. This tool made it possible to reach and retain a large professional customer base: pharmacies, Wholesalers, distributors and other professionals in health fields.

Our customers are potentially African, French and English speaking. We will always remain fully resolved to serve them even better, despite the persistence of all the aforementioned difficulties. Tirelessly, we will continue to improve our offers and our services as long as this priority need exists and as long as the satisfaction is always shared..

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically unmasked the ethics of certain international partners, especially towards the African continent, left as usually in last concern!

This unfortunate reality has reinforced our desire to further expand our offers and better adapt and improve our services through a new 2020 business model.

This new business model is axially based on a Sourcing system very adapted to the needs of our customers and whose implementation required the consolidation of an entire international network of pharmaceutical and logistics players..

The deployment and operation of this international network is centrally controlled by a proprietary information system, designed and developed by Safipharm, which is managed by a multidisciplinary team from Safipharm's Export department..

To integrate into this B2B network, the registered professional customer of Safipharm benefits from a free dedicated application, which allows him to organize and prepare his orders, to submit them, to follow them and to manage his financial flows..

This special application runs without the need for a continuous internet connection. The customer can do all the preparation and organization of his order while being disconnected. Connection is only required for a few seconds to send the command and synchronize all background situations.

This mode of B2B exchanges through a professional and personal application, bypasses the frequent vagaries of the Web and the tangle of its heavy interfaces that are often infested with advertising.
Lot n°79, Quartier industriel
Route du Djorf - 46 000
Ville de Safi - Maroc

Email: contact@safipharm.ma
Téléphone: (+212) 524 62 04 40
Télécopie: (+212) 524 65 03 02


Call every day between: 08:00 and 18:00 (GMT)
Except Sundays and official holidays.
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